1: Lack of volume and length
If you don't have thick hairs or facing the problem of lack of hair volume try this wonderful home based remedy to increase the length and volume of your hairs.
Mix half cup of aloe Vera with half cup of yogurt; finally mix two tablespoons oil in that mixture. Apply this regularly for strong, lengthy and healthy hairs in couple of weeks.

2: Dull Hair
Dull hairs is the most common problem of South Asian girls due to poor quality water, humidity and dust.
Use Amla oil for dull hairs.
Eat healthy and hygienic food.

3: Split Ends
Trim your hairs in a week to eradicate the problem of split ends.
Don't use low quality catcher and avoid complex types of hairstyles.
Avoid high chemicals in the form of shampoo, hair styling spray, hair styling gel and creams.

4: Frizzy Hair
If your hair don't hold a style and keep frizzy we have some wonderful tricks, remedies and solutions for you.
Use clarifying shampoo once in a week to wash out the layers over the hairs that have been built with the use of cream, spray and oil.

5: Hair Fall
Use specialized hair fall shampoo to minimize hair fall.
Oil your hairs regularly to strengthen the roots.

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