Abayas is most wear nowadays fashion world wide. Muslim girls and women like to wear trendy and stylish abayas (Burkha), especially in U.A.E, Pakistan, Sudia, India, Bangladesh, and more other Muslim and Arab countries. This simple hijab Abayas (Burkha) Spring / Summer 2014 designed in slik Chiffon, Linen , raw slik, and embroidery. At first many came burkhy (Abayas) black. But the designer bring some fashionable and different stylish abayas. Trendy innovative abayas on attracting women into the center of the colored Aabyas coming. Lets visit.

 Linen Abaya Collection 2014-15 For Ladies

Raw Silk Colorful Abayas 2014
Silk Chiffon Abayas 2014

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